Daily Mirror: SOCCER 88 (England/Scotland)


Afmeting/Size: 4,9 x 6,4 cm
Glimmend /Shiny: ja/yes (60x)
Aantal/Number: 360 (1-360)


Quality of stickers: good to mint condition.

This is the Soccer 88-collection issued by the Daily Mirror.

This collection contains 360 (1-360) numbered stickers, all about the best English (20) and Scottish (3) teams. Each team has two foil stickers of their manager and best player. The best English players of all-time are mentioned in Ramsey’s Squad and the best players of 1988 are issued in the World Stars Team (all foils)

Big names in this collection are: Adams, Blissett, Regis, Hansen, Southall, Barnes, Gascoigne, Robson, Strachan, Maradona, Waddle, Aitken, Butcher, Rush and many others.