Monty Gum: EURO CUP 1980 (EURO 1980)


Afmeting/Size: 6,4 x 8,9 cm.
Glimmende cards/Shiny cards: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: Netherlands/Belgium
Aantal/Number: 128x unnumbered

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Quality of cards: Very good condition. 

This is the EURO CUP 1980-collection issued by Monty Gum.

A complete set consists of 128 unnumbered cards with plain backside of all competing teams.

All top players are involved:  Rensenbrink, Neeskens, Ceulemans, Gerets, Pfaff, Rummenigge, Kaltz, Maier, Keegan, Francis, Wilkins, Woodcock, Panenka, Zoff, Rossi, Tardelli, Santillana, Quini, Anastopoulos and many others.


Extra informatie

Monty Gum: EURO CUP 1980

Team (West-Germany), Abramczyk (West-Germany), Allofs (West-Germany), Bonhof (West-Germany), Burdenski (West-Germany), Cullmann (West-Germany), Dietz (West-Germany), Flohe (West-Germany), Förster (West-Germany), Grabowski (West-Germany), Kaltz (West-Germany), Maier (West-Germany), Müller (West-Germany), Nigbur (West-Germany), Rummenigge (West-Germany), Stielike (West-Germany), Worm (West-Germany), Zimmermann (West-Germany), Team (Greece), Anastopoulos (Greece), Ardizoglou (Greece), Dellikaris (Greece), Galakos (Greece), Ganaris (Greece), Kakaris (Greece), Kapsis (Greece), Konstantinou (Greece), Kostikos (Greece), Koussoulakis (Greece), Livathinois (Greece), Pkirros (Greece), Mitropoulos (Greece), Tossifidic (Greece), Team (England), Anderson (England), Brooking (England), Clemence (England), Coppell (England), Francis (England), Keegan (England), McDermott (England), Mills (England), Neal (England), Sansom (England), Watson (England), Wilkins (England), Woodcock (England), Team (Italy), Antognoni (Italy), Bellugi (Italy), Benetti (Italy), Bettega (Italy), Cabrini (Italy), Causio (Italy), Conti (Italy), Cuccurreddu (Italy), Gentile (Italy), Graziani (Italy), Maldera (Italy), Rossi (Italy), Sala (Italy), Scirea (Italy), Tardelli (Italy), Zaccarelli (Italy), Zoff (Italy), Team (Spain), Arconada (Spain), Cundi (Spain), Dani (Spain), Del Bosque (Spain), Migueli (Spain), Olmo (Spain), Quini (Spain), Santillana (Spain), Saura (Spain), Uria (Spain), Villar (Spain), Team (Czechoslovakia), Barmos (Czechoslovakia), Dobias (Czechoslovakia), Gakdusek (Czechoslovakia), Hrusta (Czechoslovakia), Masmy (Czechoslovakia), Ondrus (Czechoslovakia), Kozak (Czechoslovakia), Panenka (Czechoslovakia), Pollak (Czechoslovakia), Stambachr (Czechoslovakia), Vojacek (Czechoslovakia), Team (Netherlands), Brandts (Netherlands), Haan (Netherlands), Hovenkamp (Netherlands), Kist (Netherlands), Krol (Netherlands), La Ling (Netherlands), Metgod (Netherlands), Nanninga (Netherlands), Neeskens (Netherlands), Peters (Netherlands), R. van de Kerkhof (Netherlands), Rensenbrink (Netherlands), Schrijvers (Netherlands), Tahamata (Netherlands), Rep (Netherlands), W. van de Kerkhof (Netherlands), Team (Belgium), Broos (Belgium), Carot (Belgium), Ceulemans (Belgium), Cluytens (Belgium), Coeck (Belgium), Cools (Belgium), Custers (Belgium), Dardenne (Belgium), Gerets (Belgium), L. Millecamps (Belgium), M. Millecamps (Belgium), Martens (Belgium), Meeuws (Belgium), Pfaff (Belgium), Plessers (Belgium), Renquin (Belgium), Van der Elst (Belgium), Van Moer (Belgium), Vandenbergh (Belgium), Vandereycken (Belgium), Vercauteren (Belgium)