Afmeting/Size: 6,4 x 8,8 cm.
Glimmende cards/Shiny cards: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: Netherlands
Aantal/Number: 224 (unnumbered)

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Quality of cards: very good to mint condition with unused backsides.

This is the World-Cup 1978-collection issued by Monty Gum.

This is a set of 224 unnumbered cards of every team that played at the World Cup of 1978.

There are many mistakes in names and pics. Gallego from Argentina is named as Gallesos for example. In my lists you’ll find the correct names.

The backsides of these cards are plain.

All top players are involved: Passarella, Krankl, Falcão, Zico, Rummenigge, Platini, Rensenbrink, Zoff and many others.


Extra informatie

Monty Gum: WORLD-CUP 1978

Argentina: Team, Argentina: Ardiles, Argentina: Ayala, Argentina: Baley, Argentina: Bertoni, Argentina: Bochini, Argentina: Carrascosa, Argentina: Gallego, Argentina: Gonzalez, Argentina: Houseman, Argentina: Larrosa, Argentina: Luque, Argentina: Passarella, Argentina: Pernia, Argentina: Tarantini, Argentina: Wolff, Austria: Team, Austria: Breitenberger, Austria: Hattenberger, Austria: Hickersberger, Austria: Jara, Austria: Koncilia, Austria: Krankl, Austria: Kreuz, Austria: Krieger, Austria: Pezzey, Austria: Sara, Austria: Stering, Brazil: Team, Brazil: Amaral, Brazil: Cerezo, Brazil: Cesar, Brazil: Falcão, Brazil: Isidoro, Brazil: Leão, Brazil: Marinho, Brazil: Migver, Brazil: Reinaldo, Brazil: Rivelino, Brazil: Zico, BRD: Team, BRD: Beer, BRD: Bonhof, BRD: Dietz, BRD: Fischer, BRD: Flohe, BRD: Holzenbein, BRD: Kaltz, BRD: Maier, BRD: D. Müller, BRD: Rummenigge, BRD: Rüssmann, BRD: Vogts, BRD: Volkert, BRD: Zimmermann, France: Team, France: Bathenay, France: Berdoll, France: Dalger, France: Guillou, France: Janvion, France: Lacombe, France: Lopez, France: Platini, France: Rey, France: Rio, France: Rocheteau, France: Six, France: Trésor, France: Tusseau, Hungary: Team, Hungary: Balint, Hungary: Fazekas, Hungary: Gudjar, Hungary: Kereki, Hungary: Kocsis, Hungary: Meszaros, Hungary: Nagy, Hungary: Nyilasi, Hungary: Pinter, Hungary: Torocsik, Hungary: Torok, Hungary: Toth, Hungary: Varadi, Hungary: Zombori, Iran: Team, Iran: Abdollahi, Iran: Eskandarian, Iran: Ghasempoor, Iran: Hassan, Iran: Idaniaeifard, Iran: Jahini, Iran: Kazarani, Iran: Khani, Iran: Khorshioz, Iran: Nayeb-Agah, Iran: Nazari, Iran: Nejazi, Iran: Parvin, Iran: Sadeghi, Italy: Team, Italy: Antognoni, Italy: Benetti, Italy: Bettega, Italy: Causio, Italy: Cuccuneddu, Italy: Facchetti, Italy: Gentile, Italy: Capello, Italy: Graziani, Italy: Rocca, Italy: Sala, Italy: Tardelli, Italy: Zaccarelli, Italy: Zoff, Mexico: Team, Mexico: Ayala, Mexico: Caldenas, Mexico: Cuellar, Mexico: De la Torre, Mexico: Gomez, Mexico: Jimenez, Mexico: Najera, Mexico: Ortesa, Mexico: Ramos, Mexico: Rangez, Mexico: Reyes, Mexico: Sanchez, Netherlands: Team, Netherlands: Cruyff, Netherlands: Dusbaba, Netherlands: Hovenkamp, Netherlands: Jansen, Netherlands: R. van de Kerkhof, Netherlands: W. van de Kerkhof, Netherlands: Kist, Netherlands: Krol, Netherlands: Neeskens, Netherlands: Rensenbrink, Netherlands: Rep, Netherlands: Rijsbergen, Netherlands: Schrijvers, Netherlands: Suurbier, Peru: Team 1 (1 row of players), Peru: Team 2 (2 rows of players), Peru: Chumpitaz, Peru: Cubillas, Peru: Diaz, Peru: Melendez, Peru: Munante, Peru: Navarro, Peru: Oblitas, Peru: Quesada, Peru: Quiroga, Peru: Roja, Peru: Velasquez, Poland: Team, Poland: Deyna, Poland: Dziuba, Poland: Janas, Poland: Kasperczak, Poland: Lato, Poland: Lubanski, Poland: Maculewiez, Poland: Masztaler, Poland: Nawalka, Poland: Rudy, Poland: Szarmach, Poland: Tomaszewki, Poland: Wawrowsy, Poland: Zmuda, Scotland: Team, Scotland: Donachie, Scotland: Forsyth, Scotland: Hartford, Scotland: Jardine, Scotland: Johnston, Scotland: Jordan, Scotland: Macari, Scotland: Mason, Scotland: Dalglish, Scotland: McQueen, Scotland: Parlane, Scotland: Rough, Spain: Team, Spain: Angel, Spain: Asensi, Spain: Benitez, Spain: Camacho, Spain: Cardenosa, Spain: Dani, Spain: Leal, Spain: Marcelino, Spain: Migueli, Spain: Olmo, Spain: Pirri, Spain: San José, Sweden: Team, Sweden: Andersson, Sweden: Augustsson, Sweden: Borg, Sweden: Borjesson, Sweden: Edström, Sweden: Fredriksson, Sweden: Helström, Sweden: Larsson, Sweden: Lindroth, Sweden: Nordqvist, Sweden: Sjoberg, Sweden: Tapper, Sweden: Torstensson, Sweden: Wendt, Tunisia: Team, Tunisia: Agrebi, Tunisia: Akid, Tunisia: Attousa, Tunisia: Dhouib, Tunisia: Gommidh, Tunisia: Kaabi, Tunisia: Kamel, Tunisia: Liman, Tunisia: Sasmi, Tunisia: Tarak, Tunisia: Temime