Panini: CHRONICLES SOCCER LALIGA 2020-2021 (Spain, Purple Mojo)


Afmeting/Size: 6,3 x 8,8 cm
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: USA
Aantal/Number: 300 (C1-C30, CE1-CE30, RT1-RT10, HT1-HT5, RR1-RR10, E1-E-30, GR1-GR10, I1-I30, OR1-OR10, P1-P30, PR1-PR30, PZ1-PZ25, S1-S25, SP1-SP25) + 123 numbered autograph & memorabilia cards.

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Quality of cards: mint condition. Straight out of the package with sharp corners.

Chronicles Soccer is a card-collection about the 3 biggest competitions: the Premier League, Serie A and LaLiga. This is the Purple Mojo edition  set of the Chronicles Soccer LaLiga 2020-2021-collection issued by Panini.

A complete set of all Spanish cards consists of  300 numbered cards and 123 autograph & memorabilia cards which makes a total of 610 cards.

I’ve stated the following cards as follows in my shop:

C= Chronicles, CE= Certified, RT= Contenders Rookie Ticket, HT= Contenders Historic Rookie Ticket, RR= Donruss Rated Rookies, E= Elite, GR= Gala Rookies, I= Illusions, OR= Optic Rated Rookies, P= Panini, PR= Prestige, PZ= Prizm, S= Select, SP= Spectra.

Autographs & memorabilia: CA= Chronicles Autograph, CEA= Certified Autograph, RTA= Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph, HTA= Contenders Historic Rookie Ticket Autograph, CS= Cornerstones, EA= Elite Autograph, IA= Illusions Autograph, PA= Panini Autograph, SA= Select Autograph, PRA= Prestige Xtra Points Autograph, PZA= Prizm Autograph, S= Silhouettes, SPA= Spectra Autograph, TS= Treasured Signature, CM= Chronicles Memorabilia, T= Absolute Tools of the Game Relics, CEM= Certified Memorabilia, EM= Elite Memorabilia, FG= Fabric of the Game, IM=Illusions Memorabilia, PM= Panini Memorabilia, PRM= Prestige Xtra Points Memorabilia, TT= Treasured Threads.

The parallel sets are: Blue Circles, Gold Circles, Gold Lasers, Green Circles, Purple Astro, Red Lasers, Silver, Silver Circles, Blue, Cracked Ice, Blue Astro, Gold, Green, Black Circles, Platinum, Blue Shimmer, Gold Power, Green Wave, Purple Mojo, Orange Ice, Pink Wave, Blue Mojo, Black, Astro.

Big names in the collection are: Frenkie de Jong, Griezmann, Messi, Maradona, Oyarzabal, Benzema  and many others.

Extra informatie

Panini: CHRONICLES SOCCER LALIGA 2020-2021 (Spain)

C-1. Lopez (Athletic Club), C-2. Berchiche (Athletic Club), C-3. Pacheco (Alavés), C-4. Marcone (Elche), C-5. Umtiti (Barcelona), C-6. Kubo (Getafe), C-7. Kenedy (Granada), C-8. Bardhi (Levante), C-9. Vezo (Levante), C-10. Plano (Real Valladolid), C-11. Guardiola (Real Valladolid), C-12. Aspas (Celta), C-13. Varane (Real Madrid), C-14. Casemiro (Real Madrid), C-15. Barrenetxea (Real Sociedad), C-16. Muto (Eibar), C-17. Maffeo (Huesca), C-18. Carlos (Sevilla), C-19. Koundé (Sevilla), C-20. Guedes (Valencia), C-21. Gaspar (Villarreal), C-22. Hermoso (Atlético Madrid), C-23. Lopez (Osasuna), C-24. Alejo (Cadiz), C-25. Malbasic (Cadiz), C-26. Peleteiro (Alavés), C-27. Josema (Elche), C-28. Montoro (Granada), C-29. Moreno (Betis), C-30. Fernandez (Huesca), CE-1. Moreno (Villarreal), CE-2. Gomez (Valencia), CE-3. Gaya (Valencia), CE-4. Rakitic (Sevilla), CE-5. Ocampos (Sevilla), CE-6. Siovas (Huesca), CE-7. Garcia (Eibar), CE-8. Merino (Real Sociedad), CE-9. Ramos (Real Madrid), CE-10. Emerson (Betis), CE-11. Moron (Betis), CE-12. Mina (Celta), CE-13. Beltran (Celta), CE-14. Herrera (Granada), CE-15. Machis (Granada), CE-16. Coutinho (Barcelona), CE-17. De Jong (Barcelona), CE-18. Milla (Elche), CE-19. Ely (Alavés), CE-20. Garcia (Osasuna), CE-21. Suárez (Atlético Madrid), CE-22. Correa (Atlético Madrid), CE-23. Berenguer (Athletic Club), CE-24. Muniain (Athletic Club), CE-25. Burgos (Eibar), CE-26. Andre (Real Valladolid), CE-27. Miramon (Levante), CE-28. Rodriguez (Getafe), CE-29. Navarro (Alavés), CE-30. Jonsson (Cadiz), E-1. Funes Mori (Villarreal), E-2. Chukwueze (Villarreal), E-3. Gabriel (Valencia), E-4. En-Nesyri (Sevilla), E-5. Pulido (Huesca), E-6. Gomez (Huesca), E-7. Rodrigues (Eibar), E-8. Zubeldia (Real Sociedad), E-9. Remiro (Real Sociedad), E-10. Ramos (Real Madrid), E-11. Carvalho (Betis), E-12. Tello (Betis), E-13. Nolito (Celta), E-14. Orellana (Real Valladolid), E-15. Campana (Levante), E-16. Hernandez (Getafe), E-17. Arambarri (Getafe), E-18. Pjanic (Barcelona), E-19. Rigoni (Elche), E-20. Perez (Alavés), E-21. Roncaglia (Osasuna), E-22. Calleri (Osasuna), E-23. Correa (Atlético Madrid), E-24. Berchiche (Athletic Club), E-25. Capa (Athletic Club), E-26. Jota (Real Valladolid), E-27. Foulquier (Granada), E-28. Milla (Granada), E-29. Sainz (Alavés), E-30. Perea (Cadiz), GR-1. Dest (Barcelona), GR-2. Moncayola (Osasuna), GR-3. Valverde (Real Madrid), GR-4. Guti (Elche), GR-5. Trincao (Barcelona), GR-6. Suárez (Granada), GR-7. Sancet (Athletic Club), GR-8. Musah (Valencia), GR-9. Sanchez (Osasuna), GR-10. Pedri (Barcelona), HT-1. Simeone (Atlético Madrid), HT-2. Morata (Real Madrid), HT-3. Laporte (Athletic Club), HT-4. Casillas (Real Madrid), HT-5. Maradona (Barcelona), I-1. Bacca (Villarreal), I-2. Torres (Villarreal), I-3. Cillessen (Valencia), I-4. El Haddadi (Sevilla), I-5. Mir (Huesca), I-6. Dmitrovic (Eibar), I-7. Gil (Eibar), I-8. Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad), I-9. Portu (Real Sociedad), I-10. Hazard (Real Madrid), I-11. Kroos (Real Madrid), I-12. Carvalho (Betis), I-13. Suárez (Celta), I-14. Baeza (Celta), I-15. Martinez (Real Valladolid), I-16. Fernandez (Levante), I-17. Rochina (Levante), I-18. Silva (Granada), I-19. Djene (Getafe), I-20. Maksimovic (Getafe), I-21. Messi (Barcelona), I-22. Joselu (Alavés), I-23. Negredo (Cadiz), I-24. Sanchez (Cadiz), I-25. Torres (Osasuna), I-26. Oblak (Atlético Madrid), I-27. Williams (Athletic Club), I-28. Mojica (Elche), I-29. Carrillo (Elche), I-30. Jony (Osasuna), OR-1. Suárez (Granada), OR-2. Guti (Elche), OR-3. Sanchez (Osasuna), OR-4. Baeza (Celta), OR-5. Pedri (Barcelona), OR-6. Musah (Valencia), OR-7. Trincao (Barcelona), OR-8. Moncayola (Osasuna), OR-9. Sancet (Athletic Club), OR-10. Villalibre (Athletic Club), P-1. Villalibre (Athletic Club), P-2. Koke (Atlético Madrid), P-3. Saúl (Atlético Madrid), P-4. Fernandez (Cadiz), P-5. Mendez (Alavés), P-6. Fidel (Elche), P-7. Boye (Elche), P-8. Ter Stegen (Barcelona), P-9. Alba (Barcelona), P-10. Cucurella (Getafe), P-11. Duarte (Granada), P-12. Radoja (Levante), P-13. Morales (Levante), P-14. Alcaraz (Real Valladolid), P-15. Mendez (Celta), P-16. Araújo (Celta), P-17. Canales (Betis), P-18. Modric (Real Madrid), P-19. Januzaj (Real Sociedad), P-20. Oliveira (Eibar), P-21. Ramirez (Huesca), P-22. Ferreiro (Huesca), P-23. De Jong (Sevilla), P-24. Wass (valencia), P-25. Racic (Valencia), P-26. Torres (Villarreal), P-27. Torro (Osasuna), P-28. Lozano (Cadiz), P-29. Hervias (Real Valladolid), P-30. Isak (Real Sociedad), PR-1. Simón (Athletic Club), PR-2. Giménez (Atlético Madrid), PR-3. Budimir (Osasuna), PR-4. Garcia (Osasuna), PR-5. Carcelen (Cadiz), PR-6. Ledesma (Cadiz), PR-7. Deyverson (Alavés), PR-8. Morente (Elche), PR-9. Josan (Elche), PR-10. Coutinho (Barcelona), PR-11. Soria (Getafe), PR-12. Ünal (Getafe), PR-13. Puertas (Granada), PR-14. Marti (Levante), PR-15. Melero (Levante), PR-16. Masip (Real Valladolid), PR-17. Blanco (Celta), PR-18. Rodriguez (Betis), PR-19. Fekir (Betis), PR-20. Courtois (Real Madrid), PR-21. Silva (Real Sociedad), PR-22. Pozo (Eibar), PR-23. Exposito (Eibar), PR-24. Ontiveros (Huesca), PR-25. Navas (Sevilla), PR-26. Kang-In (Valencia), PR-27. Alcacer (Villarreal), PR-28. Weissman (Real Valladolid), PR-29. Doumbia (Huesca), PR-30. Estupiñán (Villarreal), PZ-1. Benzema (Real Madrid), PZ-2. Rodrygo (Real Madrid), PZ-3. Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad), PZ-4. Burgos (Eibar), PZ-5. Mir (Huesca), PZ-6. Gomez (Valencia), PZ-7. Williams (Athletic Club), PZ-8. Berenguer (Athletic Club), PZ-9. Félix (Atlético Madrid), PZ-10. Garcia (Osasuna), PZ-11. Negredo (Cadiz), PZ-12. Perez (Alavés), PZ-13. Joselu (Alavés), PZ-14. Fidel (Elche), PZ-15. Messi (Barcelona), PZ-16. Kubo (Getafe), PZ-17. Mata (Getafe), PZ-18. Herrera (Granada), PZ-19. Morales (Levante), PZ-20. Andre (Real Valladolid), PZ-21. Aspas (Celta), PZ-22. Tello (Betis), PZ-23. Carvalho (Betis), PZ-24. Moreno (Villarreal), PZ-25. En-Nesyri (Sevilla), RR-1. Sancet (Athletic Club), RR-2. Guti (Elche), RR-3. Musah (Valencia), RR-4. Vallejo (Valencia), RR-5. Remiro (Real Sociedad), RR-6. Sanchez (Osasuna), RR-7. Racic (Valencia), RR-8. Pedri (Barcelona), RR-9. Suárez (Granada), RR-10. Araújo (Barcelona), RT-1. Valverde (Real Madrid), RT-2. Trincao (Barcelona), RT-3. Morente (Elche), RT-4. Machis (Granada), RT-5. Mendez (Alavés), RT-6. Dest (Barcelona), RT-7. Puig (Barcelona), RT-8. Melero (Levante), RT-9. Moncayola (Osasuna), RT-10. Boye (Elche), S-1. Valverde (Real Madrid), S-2. Portu (Real Sociedad), S-3. Garcia (Eibar), S-4. Muto (Eibar), S-5. Ramirez (Huesca), S-6. Alcacer (Villarreal), S-7. Gaspar (Villarreal), S-8. Muniain (Athletic Club), S-9. Lopez (Osasuna), S-10. Sanchez (Cadiz), S-11. Mendez (Alavés), S-12. Boye (Elche), S-13. Griezmann (Barcelona), S-14. Machis (Granada), S-15. Montoro (Granada), S-16. Marti (Levante), S-17. Plano (Real Valladolid), S-18. Nolito (Celta), S-19. Canales (Betis), S-20. Hernandez (Getafe), S-21. Suárez (Atlético Madrid), S-22. Llorente (Atlético Madrid), S-23. Soler (Valencia), S-24. El Haddadi (Sevilla), S-25. De Jong (Sevilla), SP-1. Vinícius Jr. (Real Madrid), SP-2. Isak (Real Sociedad), SP-3. Januzaj (Real Sociedad), SP-4. Rodrigues (Eibar), SP-5. Ferreiro (Huesca), SP-6. Chukwueze (Villarreal), SP-7. Lopez (Athletic Club), SP-8. Roncaglia (Osasuna), SP-9. Calleri (Osasuna), SP-10. Lozano (Cadiz), SP-11. Deyverson (Alavés), SP-12. Morente (Elche), SP-13. Fati (Barcelona), SP-14. Dest (Barcelona), SP-15. Arambarri (Getafe), SP-16. Melero (Levante), SP-17. Guardiola (Real Valladolid), SP-18. Suárez (Celta), SP-19. Baeza (Celta), SP-20. Bravo (Betis), SP-21. Kenedy (Granada), SP-22. Navas (Sevilla), SP-23. Félix (Atlético Madrid), SP-24. Vallejo (Valencia), SP-25. Kang-In (Valencia)