Panini/Hoogvliet: FEYENOORD DROOMALBUM 2022-2023


Afmeting/Size: 5,4 x 7,6 cm
Glimmende /Shiny stickers: ja/yes (12x)
Aantal/Number: 96 (1-96)


Quality of stickers: good to mint condition.

This is the Feyenoord Droomalbum 2022-2023-collection issued by Panini and Hoogvliet (Dutch super market).

This collection contains 96 stickers all about the Dutch football club Feyenoord Rotterdam.

Many stickers about the male and female teams of 2022/23 but also many stickers about their glorious history.

Big names in this collection are: Van Persie, Moulijn, Kökcü, Gimenez, Hancko, Kindvall, Van Hanegem and many others.