Reyauca: ASES MUNDIALES 1982 (round card, brown back)


Doorsnede/Round cross-section: 5,4 cm.
Glimmende cards/Shiny cards: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: Venezuela
Aantal/Number: 105 (1-105)


Quality of stickers: Straight out of the package but sometimes slightly damaged due to bad packaging.

This set of 105 cards was issued in Venezuela by Reyauca. There are 3 different issues (don’t ask me why): round stickers, round thin cards and square cards on thin paper. All of the cards I’m selling come straight out of the packages but were packed badly. Therefore it’s very hard to find a mint card of this collection.

This is the set of the round stickers with brown backside. This set the worst looking of all 3 different sets of “Ases Mundiales”.