Reyauca: COPA DEL MUNDO 1986


Afmeting/Size: 4,2 x 5,8 cm.
Glimmende cards/Shiny cards: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: Venezuela
Aantal/Number: 479 (1-448, A1, B2, B3, D4, M, E5, E6 + 24x unnumbered)


Quality of stickers/cards: Straight out of the package but sometimes slightly damaged due to bad packaging.

This collection is one of several different collections issued by Reyauca. This set consits of 456 numbered cards and stickers (players & flags) and 24 unnumbered cards (emblems). The names of the players aren’t mentioned on the cards.

Again there are many errors and different issues in this collection. I have many players issued as sticker as well.

There are many errors in this collection made by Reyauca, mostly using the wrong name underneath the wrong picture. These are the errors I know of: 70. Mario Giusti is Ricardo Omar Giusti, 357. Cesar Zavala is Cesar Zabala, 243. Lajos Pölöskei is Jozsef Kiprich, 245. Jozsef Kiprich is Gabor Pölöskei, 289. Steve McElhinney is Martin McGaughey, 291. Sammy McIlroy is Colin Clarke, 293. Martin O’Neill is Noel Brotherston, 296. Jimmy Quinn is Jimmy Nicholl, 299. John Worthington is Nigel Worthington, 173. Per Frimann is Sören Lerby, 174. Jesper Olsen is Ole Rasmussen, 257. Alan Butcher is Terry Butcher, 260. Trevor Steven is Dave Watson, 261. John Reid is Peter Reid.

Please contact me if you’re looking for cards which are issued as stickers