Vanderhout: VOETBALSTERREN EREDIVISIE 1969-1970 (Netherlands)


Afmeting/Size: 4,9 x 7,1 cm.
Glimmend/Foil: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: Netherlands
Aantal/Number: 270 (1-270)


Quality of cards: Reasonable to very good condition. Some cards may have very minor damage on the backside but the text isn’t damaged, “69/70” is written neatly on the backside of some of the cards. I don’t sell cards with (heavy) glue rests on the backside.

Vanderhout issued this collection of the Dutch competition (1969/70). A complete collection consists of  270 cards. The pictures are printed on thin paper.

You can find many big names from the past in here like Dick Advocaat (ADO), Aad Mansveld (ADO), Johan Cruyff (Ajax), Piet Keizer (Ajax), Gerrie Mühren (Ajax), Sjaak Swart (Ajax), Jan Jongbloed (DWS), Wim van Hanegem (Feijenoord), Wim Jansen (Feijenoord), Ove Kindvall (Feijenoord), Coen Moulijn (Feijenoord), Tonnie van Leeuwen (GVAV), Jan Boskamp (Holland Sport), Willy van der Kuijlen (PSV), Jan van Beveren (Sparta) and many others.