Upper Deck: WORLD CUP USA 94 (Preview, English/Spanish)


Afmeting/Size: 6,4 x 8,9 cm.
Glimmende cards/Shiny cards: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: USA
Aantal/Number: 237 (1-165, B1-B10, C1-C10, FS1-FS20, HC1-HC4 (x3), WC-P1-WC-P6, 6x holograms (unnumbered), 5 error cards)

Artikelnummer: N/B Categorieën: , , ,


Quality of cards: Very good to mint condition. Straight out of the package.

Upper Deck issued a preview collection in 1993 and a contenders collection in 1994 about the World Cup of 1994. Besides that they issued both collections in different languages, subsets and numbers. It’s quite hard to get everything complete because of this.

It’s easy to find out if it’s a “preview” or a “contenders” card because Upper Deck added the publishing year next to their logo.

This is the English/Spanish preview-edition. I’ve stated every possible card on my checklist and every card I have for sale is stated in here, including the error-cards. I hope it brings you some light in these confusing sets.

The top players are: Rai, Valderrama, Mancini, Campos, Baggio, Simeone, Rijkaard, Maldini, Vialli, Zubizarreta, Baia, Futre, Asprilla, Francescoli etc.


Extra informatie

Upper Deck: WORLD CUP USA 94 (preview, English/Spanish)

B1. Argentina (Bora Select), B2. Germany (Bora Select), B3. Brazil (Bora Select), B4. Italy (Bora Select), B5. USA (Bora Select), B6. Netherlands (Bora Select), B7. Mexico (Bora Select), B8. France (Bora Select), B9. Ireland (Bora Select), B10. Belgium (Bora Select), C1. Ruggeri (Argentina), C2. Baresi (Italy), C3. Ambriz (Mexico), C4. Valderrama (Colombia), C5. Meola (USA), C6. Grun (Belgium), C7. Rai (Brazil), C8. R. Koeman (Netherlands), C9. Zubizarreta (Spain), C10. Shalimov (Russia), FS1. Asprilla (Colombia), FS2. Albertini (Italy), FS3. Keane (Ireland), FS4. Mykland (Norway), FS5. F. de Boer (Netherlands), FS6. Figo (Portugal), FS7. Bosnich (Australia), FS8. Sharpe (England), FS9. Andersson (Sweden), FS10. Alex Escobar (Colombia), FS11. Roy (Netherlands), FS12. Simone (Italy), FS13. Kiryakov (Russia), FS14. Guardiola (Spain), FS15. Wilmots (Belgium), FS16. D. Baggio (Italy), FS17. Anderton (England), FS18. Overmars (Netherlands), FS19. Barmby (England), FS20. Ferguson (Scotland), HC1. Reggie Jackson (Honorary Captain), HC1. Reggie Jackson – gold (Honorary Captain), HC1. Reggie Jackson – blow up (Honorary Captain), HC2. Joe Montana (Honorary Captain), HC2. Joe Montana – gold (Honorary Captain), HC2. Joe Montana – blow up (Honorary Captain), HC3. Michael Jordan (Honorary Captain), HC3. Michael Jordan – gold (Honorary Captain), HC3. Michael Jordan – blow up (Honorary Captain), HC4. Wayne Gretzky (Honorary Captain), HC4. Wayne Gretzky – gold (Honorary Captain), HC4. Wayne Gretzky – blow up (Honorary Captain), NN. Wynalda (USA, hologram), NN. Campos (Mexico, hologram), NN. Roberto Baggio (Italy, hologram), NN. Gullit (Netherlands, hologram), NN. Bebeto (Brazil, hologram), NN. B. Laudrup (Denmark, hologram), NN. Ruggeri (Argentina, hologram), NN. Gascoigne (England, hologram), NN. Butragueño (Spain, hologram), WC-P1. Harkes (USA), WC-P2. Meola (USA), WC-P3. Henderson (USA), WC-P4. Wynalda (USA), WC-P5. Gascoigne (England), WC-P6. Garcia (Mexico), Error card: 57. Dasovic (Canada), Error card: 68. Preud'Homme (Belgium), Error card: 79. Gascoigne (England), Error card: 89. Francescoli (Uruguay), Error card: 90. Kanchelskis (Russia), 1. Meola (USA), 2. Lapper (USA), 3. Doyle (USA), 4. Murray (USA), 5. Dooley (USA), 6. Harkes (USA), 7. Perez (USA), 8. Kinnear (USA), 9. Ramos (USA), 10. Stewart (USA), 11. Wynalda (USA), 12. Agoos (USA), 13. Jones (USA), 14. Quinn (USA), 15. Armstrong (USA), 16. Sorber (USA), 17. Wegerle (USA), 18. Friedel (USA), 19. Henderson (USA), 20. Caligiuri (USA), 21. Clavijo (USA), 22. Lalas (USA), 23. Kooiman (USA), 24. Vermes (USA), 25. Chung (USA), 26. Moore (USA), 27. Klopas (USA), 28. Balboa (USA), 29. Michallik (USA), 30. Milutinovic (USA), 31. Gutierrez (Mexico), 32. Suarez (Mexico), 33. Perales (Mexico), 34. Ambriz (Mexico), 35. Ramirez (Mexico), 36. Herrera (Mexico), 37. Patino (Mexico), 38. Aspe (Mexico), 39. Campos (Mexico), 40. Garcia (Mexico), 41. Zague (Mexico), 42. España (Mexico), 43. Flores (Mexico), 44. Galindo (Mexico), 45. Sanchez (Mexico), 46. Salvador (Mexico), 47. Sweeney (Canada), 48. Mitchell (Canada), 49. Samuel (Canada), 50. Norman (Canada), 51. Bunbury (Canada), 52. Catliff (Canada), 53. Hooper (Canada), 54. Miller (Canada), 55. Valentine (Canada), 56. Yallop (Canada), 57. Forrest (Canada), 58. Dasovic (Canada), 59. Aunger (Canada), 60. Watson (Canada), 61. Peschisolido (Canada), 62. Limniatis (Canada), 63. Acosta (Argentina), 64. Rodriguez (Argentina), 65. Simeone (Argentina), 66. Balbo (Argentina), 67. Slater (Australia), 68. Herzog (Austria), 69. Preud'Homme (Belgium), 70. Scifo (Belgium), 71. Rai (Brazil), 72. Palhinha (Brazil), 73. Cafu (Brazil), 74. Rincon (Colombia), 75. Valderrama (Colombia), 76. Povlsen (Denmark), 77. B. Laudrup (Denmark), 78. Pearce (England), 79. Ince (England), 80. Gascoigne (England), 81. Gullit (Netherlands), 82. Witschge (Netherlands), 83. Townsend (Ireland), 84. Mancini (Italy), 85. Vialli (Italy), 86. Pagliuca (Italy), 87. Thorstvedt (Norway), 88. Baia (Portugal), 89. Futre (Portugal), 90. Dobrovolski (Russia), 91. Kanchelskis (Russia), 92. McCoist (Scotland), 93. Zubizarreta (Spain), 94. Brolin (Sweden), 95. Schwarz (Sweden), 96. Limpar (Sweden), 97. Sosa (Uruguay), 98. Francescoli (Uruguay), 99. Checklist, 100. Checklist, 101. Schmeichel (Denmark), 102. Ruggeri (Argentina), 103. Rijkaard (Netherlands), 104. Bebeto (Brazil), 105. Maldini (Italy), 106. Shalimov (Russia), 107. Baresi (Italy), 108. R. Koeman (Netherlands), 109. R. Baggio (Italy), 110. Van Basten (Netherlands), 111. Signori (Italy), 112. Bergkamp (Netherlands), 113. Grun (Belgium), 114. Lentini (Italy), 115. Platt (England), 116. "Kicking Off", 117. Goal!, 118. Dribble, 119. Header, 120. Tackle, 121. Foul!, 122. Free Kick, 123. "The Wall", 124. Hat Trick, 125. Penalty, 126. Corner Kick, 127. Throw-in, 128. Bicycle Kick, 129. Offside, 130. World Cup Trophy, 131. Team (USA), 132. Lapper (USA), 133. Wegerle (USA), 134. Harkes (USA), 135. Wynalda (USA), 136. Ince (England), 137. Dooley (USA), 138. Lalas (USA), 139. Meola (USA), 140. Dooley/Lalas (USA), 141. Meola (USA), 142. Dooley (USA), 143. Stewart (USA), 144. Meola (USA), 145. Silverdome (stadium), 146. Harkes (USA), 147. Wegerle (USA), 148. Wynalda (USA), 149. Meola (USA), 150. Armstrong (USA), 151. Henderson (USA), 152. Jones (USA), 153. Michallik (USA), 154. Ramos (USA), 155. Kooiman (USA), 156. Kinnear (USA), 157. Lalas (USA), 158. Balboa (USA), 159. Clavijo (USA), 160. Dooley (USA), 161. Doyle (USA), 162. Lapper (USA), 163. Friedel (USA), 164. Caligiuri (USA), 165. Vermes (USA)