Upper Deck: WORLD CUP USA 94 (Preview, Fuji, English/Spanish)


Afmeting/Size: 6,4 x 8,9 cm.
Glimmende cards/Shiny cards: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: USA
Aantal/Number: 20 (F1-F20)

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Quality of cards: Very good to mint condition. Straight out of the package.

Upper Deck issued a preview collection in 1993 and a contenders collection in 1994 about the World Cup of 1994. Besides that they issued both collections in different languages, subsets and numbers. It’s quite hard to get everything complete because of this.

This is the Fuji issue of the World Cup of 1994 (preview). These cards were issued in packs of three that were sent out with developed pictures when special envelopes were used to submit Fuji for processing. These cards were issued in the USA which explains the large number of players of this country in this set.

The language on the backside of the cards are English & Spanish and the Fuji-logo is printed on the front. A complete Fuji-set consists of 20 cards (F1-F20).

The top players are: Rai, Valderrama, Mancini, etc.


Extra informatie

Upper Deck: WORLD CUP USA 94 (Fuji, preview)

F1. Tony Meola (USA), F12. Chris Henderson (USA), F2. Fernando Clavijo (USA), F13. Cobi Jones (USA), F3. John Doyle (USA), F14. Alexi Lalas (USA), F4. Des Armstrong (USA), F15. Rai (Brazil), F5. Marcelo Balboa (USA), F16. Jorge Campos (Mexico), F6. John Harkes (USA), F17. Tomas Brolin (Sweden), F7. Hugo Perez (USA), F18. Roberto Mancini (Italy), F8. Roy Wegerle (USA), F19. Carlos Valderrama (Colombia), F9. Thomas Dooley (USA), F20. Luis Garcia (Mexico), F10. Tab Ramos (USA), F11. Eric Wynalda (USA)