Sale Partners: HOOFDKLASSE B 2009-2010 CARDS (Netherlands)


Afmeting/Size: 5,8 x 8,3 cm.
Glimmende cards/Shiny cards: nee/no
Land van uitgifte/Issuing country: Netherlands
Aantal/Number: 189


Quality of cards: In mint condition. Straight out of the package. 

This collection was issued in 2009 by Sale Partners.

2009/10 was the last season of the highest amateur level in the Netherlands. This level was divided in two different divisions Hoofdklasse A and B. This changed into the Topklasse from which it was possible to promote to the lowest professional football division.

Sale Partners issued an album for each Hoofdklasse. Not every club gave permission to issue cards to Hoofdklasse A was represented by 11 clubs and Hoofdklasse B with 7 clubs only. Every team consists of 27 different cards (numbered and not).

The quality of the cards is high and they are glossy.

This is the Hoofdklasse B collection, so a complete collection consists of: 189 cards. The clubs involved are: DOVO, RKAV Volendam, Kozakken Boys, SDC Putten, Spakenburg, IJsselmeervogels and Sparta Nijkerk.